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Some Words About Dr. Gulshan Kohli




There are so many pathies are exist in world to cure diseases. Some pathies are very to endure. In some pathies patients need to take ayurvedic or allopathic medicines. But even after that patients are in very pain with these dangerous diseases. The reason is that the treatment and guidance which the patients are taking is not right.

Now, the new therapy which is known as acu touch therapy. With the help of this therapy patients are getting rid from so many diseases without taking medicine and without any physical pain.

In the words of Dr. kohli- once he was massaging oil the legs of his mother. A saint passed that way. They were happy to see this. After that the saint stood outside of his house and begged. He gave the wealth according to his capacity. Then the saint went from there. Daily he pressed and massage oil on the legs of her mother. But his mother did not get the proper relief. Once again the same saint came and shares a natural process and tip with gulshan ji to cure his mother. After applying the method his mother got relief. The saint said who will use this process can get rid from 125 diseases. After experience of 10 to 15 years the effort of that therapy and process increased very much.

Now a day, with the blessings of god gulshan ji help poor and needy to get back health.

At "gulshan acu touch point" every Monday and Tuesday mentally retarted child, deaf and dumb children are checked and treated free.

Gulshan kohli ji delivering this natural treatment in different states like: Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Himachal and many more.

Also in foreign countries like: America, Australia, Newzeland, Canada, Italy, England and France etc.

Kohli ji said that he can't get success without the appreciation of his beloved family. His parents, wife, son and daughter contribute a lot in his success.

From the Desk of Director, Mr. Gulshan Kumar Kohli

In modern age, nobody take care of his health. People are giving invitation to diseases without taking care of his health. When human being becomes home of diseases after then lot of people attract and give attention to allopathic medicines. Allopathic medicine destroys the main disease but it produces many other diseases and the result is "people can't live proper and healthy life".

Now, to get rid from all that type of diseases and problems shri vasudev herbal products and natural treatment are very effective. In this natural treatment patient treated without any medicine and without any painful method. One can cure several diseases with the help of this unique therapy.


Acu touch therapy is a therapy without any painful methods. Who adopt this treatment is able to get rid from many diseases and also can set an example to live life for others.

From the Desk of Supervisor, Mr. Des Raj Kohli & Mrs. Sheela Kohli

Now a days, the graph of health and age is falling down because of the lack of proper guidance. And Our purpose is that every person lives a healthy life which is based only on a proper life style.

Every person of a family is now in days is affected by disease or problems and this problem is due to lack of proper guidance. That’s why we are going more affected by disease.

To get a healthy life our main need should be our proper life style which isn’t possible without complete and proper guidance.

You can also make your life more safe and bring on a safe path by applying or by becoming the part of a company which has been started by shri vasudev herbal and can enlight other’s life by becoming a candle.

From the Desk of Chairman, Mr. Ajesh Kohli




In modern age man is applying short cut at every step and when he apply short cut on his health. Then he faces very dangerous and painful results. That is the main reason that our country has become the home of diseases like aids, cancer etc.

There are lot of other diseases from which we want to get rid and apply different methods. But sometimes these methods are injurious to health and then men can do nothing.

If you want to save yourselves from these dangerous problems you shoul apply natural methods which has no side effect and the treatment which can cure every disease very effectively.

"here we are always ready to give you suggestion in kind of disease and natural treatment."

So, to bring your life on right path. So that you, your family and the people surrounding you can live proper and healthy life.

From the Desk of Manager, Mr. Jagdeep Singh

All products of shri vasudev herbal has been made by pure ayurvedic herbals. We can say it the gift of a healthy life.

Marketing of such products has been started on a small level. But because of its effective results its demand is increasing day by day. This is the reason that we have brought these products to the world.

The small attempt of Gulshan Kohli makes its area more wide, whose curiosity and happens our team is feeling we are heartily thankful to Dr. Gulshan Kohli who gave us a golden chance to do work with him and now our motto is to get peak of success by following his valuable guidelines.